Straight Smile Aligners

Australia’s most affordable invisible aligners

How it works

Its never been easier or more affordable to get your smile assessed and straightened from the comfort of your own home.

Order an Assessment

Once you order your straight smile assessment, we will send  your DIY impression kit


Start Aligner Treatment

SSA Assessment report showing current and after renders of your smile as well as a video showing the potential movement 

Your Straight Smile

Its time to smile with confidence! Once treatment is finalised, retain your new smile with one of our retainers.

Invisible Retainers


Don’t get caught paying thousands of dollars for invisible aligners!

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Aligner Treatment

from $999

payment options are available

Most affordable aligner treatment is Australia

Finding aligner treatment for under $2,000 is near impossible, with our commitment to changing the way Australian’s access dental 

Straight smile in 6 months

Our average treatment time is one fo the fastest turnarounds available.  Have a wedding or birthday coming up? We can definitely help!

Completely Online

With our proven DIY Impression kit that has served thousands of Australians with our night guards and invisible retainers through our Direct Dental Australia shopfront

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my smile is declined?

We offer a full refund of your impression kit if your assessment survey comes back and our orthadantist team advises our treatment is unable to assist

When and how fast will my kit come?

Once we recieve your free assesment we will firstly advise you all costs upfront before sending the kit and on your approval will express psot the kit ASAP

My teeth are only slightly crooked can you help?

Yes! you will find that our aligners will give you the quickest turnaround and you will save thousands not ahving to do braces or a full set of aligner treatment all over again

Can i choose to straighten one row only?

Yes you can! we know msot people are happy with just the upper row to be straghtened and can ensure our assessment reflects your ideal outcome

How do i keep my smile straight after treatment?

Theres only one sure way to ensure your teeth keep alignment and that is with an invisible retainer.  Direct Dental Australia have these available and all aligner treatment customers will receive 20% off to help keep their teeth straight after their treatment.